Size A:

Size A is a similar size to a disposable mask. Nose and mouth area angles out. Mask squares off at the ears.


Size B:

Size B is a similar size to a disposable mask. Nose and mouth area are rounded. Mask tapers off at the ears.


Size C:

The height is less than that of your typical disposable mask. It is the smallest of the 3 sizes.


Size: Child

Smaller to suit kid's feature, our children's collection uses waterproof material and has a filter pocket for added protection.

The following picture shows how the kid size is compared to a standard disposable one.  The 2nd picture show the comparison to adult size A. 

Size: Toddler

Tiny. Waterproof and has filter pocket.

The following picture shows the size difference between Size A, Size Child and Size Toddler.