What is the difference in between masks prices at $11-15 and those at $20-25?


The fabric which is used for the $20+ masks is more water-proof and breathable. There is also a filter pocket which gives you the option to add your own filter for extra protection (ie. coffee filter / dried baby wipe). The $11+ mask is made from a very soft cotton material and does not have a filter pocket.

Size and fit: 

Checkout the sizing information in the footer for picture comparison of the various sizes and how it might fit differently. 

Size B is designed to fit the contours of your face better. To do so, two pieces of fabrics are sewed together to give you the contour.
Size A is designed for ultimate protection and therefore we tried very hard to eliminate all unnecessary stitching. As a result, this mask is made of one piece of waterproof material that is cinched slightly above the nose and below the chin.
Size C is one piece but slightly smaller than A & B.

What if the mask is loose?

The straps are elastic.  In most cases, it is good as is.  But if the mask is loose on you, we suggest you adjust the straps to your fit, try it for a couple of days. Then decide if you want to leave the knot at the back of the ears or cut and sew to create a seamless wearing experience especially if you have to wear it for a long stretch of time.

How often should I wash my mask?

Depending on the duration of wearing, you may wash it daily or use it for a couple of days before washing. If you wear it for a day at work, wash it daily.  If you only need to go out to the store for 10 mins, perhaps you can store the mask in a Ziploc bag and use it a couple of times before wash.