Tips on how to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a face mask

Method 1 - Wired Masks

Surgical masks have a wire around the nouse area. When putting your mask on, place the top of the mask on your nose bridge, loop ears, adjust the mask to cover the top of nose and chin, pinch the top edge of the mask at the nose bridge. By pinching, the wire moulds the top of the mask to your nose in order to prevent the hot air from escaping from the mask at the top. 

We have borrowed this feature and improved our waterproof (Size A) masks to contain the wire at around the nose.

Method 2 - Anti-Fog Spray

Foggy glass is not a new problem.  Many how ski knows this really well.  So there are commercial solutions.  Anti-Fog Spray as shown here costs about $20/bottle can do the job really well.  Spray it daily is required.


Method 3 - Soap Your Glasses

Wet your eyeglasses with a bit of soapy water and let it air dry. This leaves a thin layer of soap on your glasses.  Similarly to anti-fog spray, this should prevent foggy. Frequent re-apply is needed as the thin layer does not last very long. 


Method 4 - Seal Your Mask with Tape

This is a method is used by doctors and nurses. Put double-sided tape on your nose bridge and press mask onto the tape. This creates the seal and prevents hot air from entering the eyeglass area. 


Method 5 - Upgrade your lenses to anti-fog coating. 

Adding anti-fog coating when possible or replace your lenses to have an anti-fog coating. 



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  • Thank you! This is really helpful. I have found your nose wire to be very mailable allowing for a snug fit.


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